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So... Raymond showed me this experiment... This, Great Games Experiment and now i'm hooked. I never got into this 'Myspace' thing, not my cup of tea... Couldn't get in this 'Facebook' thing, much, bleh... But, a game focused community like this looks amazing. Wooo, i'm addicted. Thanks Raymond.

If you add me, expect to get to know me a little. I don't like filling up my friend list and not knowing who the hell is on there. :)

Feel free to check it out here. If your not on it, you should be. Link to GGE Profile

OH NO! I just realized I missed the first episode of the new apprentice!!!! CRAP! :(!!!

So, i'm looking to get a domain this year and i'm wondering if the name of the domain matters all to much? I guess it being short would be easier for the fingers, but, eh? What do you think? It'll be on my resume, just in that case an employeer would want to look at some things i've completed.

http://www.david-mcgraw.com (www.davidmcgraw.com - taken)
http://www.ethanael.com (an alias that I use for, pretty much, everything)

That's all I've been considering. I need a domain.

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Oh, you have so been friended. :P

And as for the domain name, I say opt for a shorter, more memorable one. If it's long and unremarkable (like one's own name) it tends to get forgotten quickly. I'd very likely remember ethanael.com, though.

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