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Good freebie

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First off, it looks like Zombie Kitten Attack is getting difficult faster. Interestingly, I was thinking of making it a mite easier than my test version, but then Jesse Chounard showed that he was still able to get to level ten and play for twelve minutes, so I think it's good enough.

For those who haven't seen, this is a person who has a serious problem on his hands.

On another note, here's a couple of really good sites that just appeared recently.

Game Giveaway Of The Day

Giveaway Of The Day

Both of 'em give away a free piece of software every day. They also have a free RSS feed, so you can check out the daily freebie. Thus-far it's stuff with which I'm not familiar, but I have found a couple of winners.

Definitely worth a look. No spyware or ads.
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