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Status update

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2 weeks left for the project, a lot of things to do. our Modeler has completed an initial mesh. Now just to texture it. We just started using Visual Sourcesafe 2005 in an attempt to get the group more in synch with the project.

I have promised already a long time to bring out a new version of the source of vyper. But I rather wait till atleast tommorow after we added some more managability things. But more importantly: document and clean up the source. the problem with working with a group that never programmed in C++ or DX before, is that its all exploring for us. And working with the tools we find and finding the most obnoxious bugs and sometimes think we have a bug in our code, only to detect we had one anoying setting screwing up the windows code.

Just to illustrate our latest build :

As you noticed our amazing heightmap decided it was an excellent time to become a solar panel for our Viper. This was caused because of a matrice bug. Windows Vista sure has a nice interface though, a shame the DX December update screws up everything with the viewer.

Another problem we will be facing in the coming week is to add a renderer abstraction so that we can basically interchange DirectX and OpenGL. And also adding a NOOB interface where people can just use 5 lines of code to determine how many vypers can come around, and how many battlestars and what scene, heightmap etc should be used.

and ofcourse the advanced interface that allows any experienced programmer to add his/her own scene. In other words a lot of work. And only 2 weeks left for the deadline.

Speaking of the battlestar:

Thank you to Release for his excellent work so far! even though he won't be graded for the code like we will ;) Thank you for easily confused for all his great help so far!

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