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The green means it's polluted

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I redrew the Robot City background layers:

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, because I just didn't like the original. When I programmed the parallax scrolling backgrounds, it was mostly in the event that I did a level taking place in an environment like the city. The last background didn't look good scrolling, but this one looks great.

I'm now going to get the Blocky seeking missiles programmed. I think this level will be complete by next week. At that time, I'll simply comment out the controller code until I finish the game levels. The program will still read the controller data, it just won't be used until I can add a screen to configure it.

But I can say that this is shaping up to be the best level so far.
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But I can say that this is shaping up to be the best level so far.

Quite a feat.

The enemies look like they'll be fun...

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For this level, I wanted the enemies to react to Blocky Man's presence, and attack based on what he is doing. Now this might seem obvious, but I felt that in the past levels, the enemies just kind of do their own thing regardless of where Blocky Man is. This is the first level where I'd say the enemies actually have AI, rather than just moving back and forth.

So yeah, it should be pretty good[grin]

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So now the robots have built an army of flying toilets? :D sorry coultn't resist :P This is looking good, but I also liked the oppressive look of the old backgrounds, are you gonna completely scrap those?

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Ugh, my programmer art strikes again[grin]

Although I won't be bringing the old background back, the oppressive Robot Overlords will still be in the level. In fact, I will probably post the first screenshots of them in a few days.

One idea that I had involves having parts of the background animated. If you look at the background, on the green buildings there are blue screens. I was planning on adding a Robot Overlord head with eyes that "followed" Blocky Man's movements. It would create a pretty cool 1984-style environment, I think.

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yeah we're doing something like that for our enemies; where the enemy reacts to the player based on what attacks they have

new level looks fun... me wants a demo! :P

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There should be a demo by next week, but I can't make any promises. It's been quite awhile since the last demo.

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