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The Job Search Begins

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Back on the west coast. Flying across the country sucks.

Now that I'm back, its time to start looking for summer internships. I plan on going to GDC later this year and seeing what I can find there, but if I could have a job nailed down before that it would be fantastic.

So, basically, if anyone out there in the Seattle area (for example, Microsoft employees. I know you're out there...) knows of any programming (preferably game related, but I'm flexible) internships, drop me a line.

Classes also started today, and it looks like this semester is going to be a beast. 20 credits, all CS and math classes...

Machine Learning should be interesting, as should my Curves and Surfaces math class. Other than that, looks like I'll be taking lots of requisit courses that won't be too fun but promise to be more work than is healthy. Hooray!

Hopefully I'll be able to keep sane with side projects, but that requires time which I suspect I won't have. So it goes.
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