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game release almost near

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So, I am thinking about just adding the finishing touches this week and releasing Plumbing Mania. I thought about spending maybe one more month adding more crap, but I don't think the added development time will really add a whole lot more value to the game it already has. I will just continue hacking away at the level designs and try to get at least 30-35 levels and thats the end of this game.

I have so many ideas for the next game, its so not funny. You know, a lot of game developers have "writers block", but I seem to have to opposite. I have so many ideas, more then I know what to really do with. I will just have to construct a giant wheel of fortune with the game ideas on each little pin and just spin the wheel to see what idea sticks...if it were that easy.

So, my main ideas are basicly..

1. 3d online drag racing ( game is free w/basic cars/parts, cool parts, cars ect cost money )
2. top-down space trading game (strictly only trading and upgrading)
3. top-down action shooter
4. match 3 game
5. isometric rpg but with robots
6. isometric city sim
7. moon-colony rts/sim
8. multilayer 2d/3d tower defense (one team w/towers, other with army)
9. massively multilayer player/clan/gang/army controlled worlds (forts are guarded by npc's and the players take over the forts. Other players can take over other players territory, worlds are reset every week or month, and some server never reset :D )
10. i can keep going all day.

Now you might look at this list and think "typical ambitious games any noob wants to make...", and for the most part thats true.

1st one is something I want to make, and with my current 3d coding capabilities I am pretty confident all I really need is some network code to get a couple boxes moving down a flat plane to a finish line assuming its just 1vs1 over a network. From that I can build from there. I am not looking for perfect physics, crazy accurate real-world modeled cars, no awesome sound track.

So I think I will be researching networking and learning more and more about 3d math/coding after I release Plumbing Mania, and I will see how it goes. Please let me know if my idea sucks and I will fail so I wont waste my time, thanks!

Back to work!

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