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Why, hello there!

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Mayan Obsidian


Happy 2007 (Late I know)

Yes yes. Happy new year and all of that jazz. You've heard it all before. And I'm late saying this stuff. Yeah. Did you make your new years resolutions? A more important questions is .. are you keeping it?

I only have three resolutions:
1. Complete a game this year. Then again everyone here has that goal.
2. Completely fill out my sketchbook before the beginning of next year. My sketchbook is about 500 pages big. So if I at least do two pages worth of sketches a day it will be filled, and hopefully .. my drawing level will increase by seven! To assist my will to draw frequently I am starting up a webcomic that I will update at least once a week.
3. Create more of a presence online and stop being a lurker everywhere I go. Become a producer of content and not a consumer, ya know?

Great games experiment

Yeah. I signed up for an account. It's definately a good way for developers to network with each other. I just don't like the excessive presence of Garagegames everywhere on the site. Not that I have anything against Garagegames, but it feels they kinda have a large shadow looming over the entire site. I dunno, it's hard to explain, but I hope the "shadow" shrinks as more people hop on.

That or they'll force torque ads down my throat [lol]. Is there a gamedev.net group that I can join on there?

[Edit: Then again ... perhaps I should use my REAL NAME. Hrrmm ...]
[Edit2: Requested a change to use my real name. What I have to ask permission to do this? [headshake]]


Well school sort of took over my life in November-December. On the other hand I had my best semester of college yet! Though, I've been neglecting my project and I decided to get back into it this weekend. My first order of business was to update my Ogre to the latest one that they had in their CVS. By doing that it pretty much broke everything that I had working before. I spent all of Saturday just getting things running again.

Right now I'm still tangoing with the the Action Mapping stuff. I currently have keyboard, mouse, and joysticks input all working peachy. I just have to abstract what i read from these devices, check the actionmap and convert them into actions that the game can understand.

The sad part is that originally I didn't want to do this so soon because I really wanted to prototype the gameplay to find out if it is what I really wanted to do with this project. But, I realized that I would have to do this Actionmap stuff eventually anyway so I had might as well get it over with now right?
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