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Evil Steve


I'm not dead. I'm just sleeping.

My xmas holiday was spent sleeping and drinking. And that's about it. And now I have flu or something [sad]
I decided not to call in sick today, since I've been off for 3 weeks, and coming back for one day then calling in sick would be taking the piss somewhat. And we have a random studio visiting us to mumble about Wii games. I dunno, I haven't been paying attention, I've been engrossed in my damn VBA macros.

I've managed to get a flat in Glasgow (At last), I move in this coming Saturday, so that should give me an extra 3 hours or so a day to do stuff.

I'm going to go and continue eating Lockets and drinking Lucozade now.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


So you actually moved out of home before your 40th birthday. I must say I'm surprised.

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I didnt realise you were moving that soon, I take it that Ruan is still going to be your flatmate?

Where about in Glasgow are you staying?

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