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i've only got a little time to drop a quick line in here. i was distracted pretty bad by the holidays and lost track of what i was doing in Space Fortress. i've got a general idea of what i want to do with it, but i didn't actually sit down and consider the direction to take from where i'm at. i'm not giving up on the project.

while we were chatting the other day, viridian pointed me at a Diablo clone, Fate, and i gave it a whirl. i was surprised at how good it was. it ain't no actionRPG, but it was well worth the install. after playing this and Inaria, i'm getting interested in pursuing actionRPG again.

i'm a finicky person. i started up Space Fortress because i was interested in Membrane Madness, and HopeDagger was a big influence on my motivation. when the holidays hit, the influence was gone and there was no real drive to get anything more done, so i ended up fiddling and interest waned.

now i've got viridian's influence causing rekindled interest in actionRPG. i didn't get anywhere with this one because i was so unfocused. i think that if i'm still as interested in Inaria tomorrow as i was yesterday, i might built actionRPG to that point. time will tell.

i went down to a local game store today and they had their rental copy of Final Fantasy Adventure up for sale! i couldn't resist buying it. if you've seen actionRPG, and you know the game, you'll know that i grabbed the hero graphics from screencaps of FFA. i'm getting sucked in!]
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I think the wise hobbyist developer takes advantage of the fact that his interest is able to wander so freely. What I do is keep more than one project officially 'active', so that if I get into a roguelike mood I can do some work on the one I have going, or if I'm in an action-y mood I can pump out some Membrane Massacre code. The important thing is to avoid scrapping projects because they aren't the flavour-of-the-moment, because you'll often end up coming back to them. [smile]

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