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Not much to report tonight. I've added a fish to Udo:

They lurk below the water then spring upwards into the air. They can either jump straight up and down, or sort of leap from side to side, although you need to watch where you place them or they can jump out of the water. If they do jump out of the water, they just sort of wriggle along the ground until they hit something, then they turn around and wiggle back, so you can have a fish jumping out of the water, wriggling along the ground and back then falling back into the water again.

Seems to work okay.

A couple of fish in action
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That's great -- I think the fish-out-of-the-water scenario will add a lot to the gameplay. [grin]

When's the release!?

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Original post by HopeDagger
When's the release!?

Don't hold your breathe is the short answer [smile].

I've got some really ambitious plans for this project. I proved to myself with the last one that I can finish a simple game. I want Udo to feel like a very complete and extensive game before an official release.

I'll probably release like a sample level demo at some point soon to get some feedback, but I want there to be a lot of suprises even for you lot when the final game goes out.

BTW, I've emailed that GGE thing for an invite and they seem to be ignoring me. How did you get in there? Are they just over-subscribed for the Beta do you reckon?

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The GGE invite is going to take some time. It took around 3 days for me to get it, but it will get there.

I'm really digging this game so far, and I like the enemies you have. Keep up the good work!

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