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Degree Project Time!

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So, here I am with about a month until I need to be back at college, there are two ways I could spend this time;

1 - playing games, drinking vodka and hanging with my peeps
2 - working on my final year project

Well, while 1 is tempting they tend not to let you have a degree if you don't complete a project so I figure now would be a good time to get all the coding done, I can fake the rest afterwards [grin]

I've settled on using D3D for my project for certain; while ATI might well be able to get a driver update out this month with the PBO extension in it, which in it's self will be handy for other things I want to do, OGL does lack the cunningness which is the DXUT GUI stuffs and frankly I'm not in the mood to impliment my own GUI or work with the mess which is the current GUI offerings for OGL dev.

So, the first order of bussiness is learning D3D stuff... I've been reading about app initalisation and I think I've got enuff down to work with (between the docs and a bit of Jollyjeffers' code I've got plenty of details to work with there) and I'm already reasonably versed in the drawing operations (again thanks to Jollyjeffers' code and a translation I did to OpenGL a while back) so in theory getting something on the screen shouldn't prove too much of a problem.

So, tonights modest goal is to get a D3D app up and running with some kind of camera system, hud for some basic information display and a 3D plane being displayed.

Once that's done I can build on it to add shader support before working out how I plan to impliment things algorithm wise.

Once that's done it's just a matter of adding algorithms to the system so I can code up each one... heh, 2 weeks per method my arse [grin] It pays to over estimate...
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