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Sir Sapo


Menus suck.....

...but they're coming along, the weapons select menu now is fully functional(-ish)!!!!

Thats all for now, sorry....

EDIT: Sorry Samsonite, I wasn't able to get that code all commented for you tonight, but as soon as I have time, I'll post it for ya.
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Actually does look very good. One problem: too many bright colors. This makes it look busy and hard on the eyes. The two brain cells I have left can't immediately figure out what exactly I'm supposed to be focusing on. Perhaps darker shades of green for all the borders and leave the important bits (back and prev buttons, for example) bright green. Otherwise, I dig the green screen look... it gives me flash backs of my old Apple //c... and Syndicate =D

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Thats OK, I know you got alot on your mind now, just take your time [smile].
Menus are looking good aswell!

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