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Vyper 0.7 Source Code

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I have decided to release the source code now, instead of working on it now. this is a WORKING build, the code is still a mess and a lot of our new functionality does not work yet but atleast it shows the work in progress.

I appreciate any comments you have on this source code, thats why I post it. Feel free to copy paste anything aslong as you thank us for it! ;)


What works:

- Basic Dinput
- Working (but buggy) Heightmap code
- BAttlestar Mesh rendering
- Viper Rendering with textures
- Entitity manager
- Renderer Abstraction for DX and OGL

What does not work:

- Moving objects around
- Code is a big pile of mess still (comments are scarse)
- a lot of the newly added source has not been made functional and are only there to start the transistion starting tonight and tommorow.
- Visual Studio 2005 might bitch you need Source control, just disconnect the source from it :)

We are gunning to have all the functions done with version 0.9 and we will move to a final first build of the Vyper Engine by end of januari are goals are as follows (might change ofcourse!).

1. A fully workable beginner engine that enables a "noob" to easily render a scene in it with just a mesh and texture and 5 function calls
2. A engine that fully suppports OGL and DX by just linking the OGL Device to the Renderer.cpp.
3. A Engine that has working DX input
4. Support for height maps, space and skydomes
5. Fully documented features, and function calls etc.
6. A Advanced interface where everything can be changed by an experienced programmer.

THis code should be read by beginners, it shows ONE way to start a game engine, I will state again and again, that what your seeing here is by NO means a professional way to do it. When making games you need to understand that you always start by making a big pile of code and make it work. Wehn you review the code, a lot can be done better and differently. And I am sure in the future we will continue doing so.

This engine is the work of 4 people who in 7 weeks have managed to scrape up with this sort of engine with no experience what so ever. What does that tell you? Making a game engine is possible, but you need to have the dedication, and time for it. Programming you only learn by doing it, not by reading books and understanding it. It might help you in the short term, but long term your own experience will be a lot better then anything you can find in a store.

I will gladly hear any input for what can be done better, or if there are glaring bug.s But please be aware, this was only posted because i am going to be ripping out some code thus making it less functional. I just want to show everyoen how things are progressing.

The only thing we are really struggeling with are basically the heightmap, and how we add multiple objects on the screen, i heard you need to use frames for it? And how do we ensure the Bttlestar is bigger then a vyper, I have been unable to find anything in the DX SDK that explains how you can change the size of a Model :)

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