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The new semester started this week. We didn't get nearly enough time off :(.

I had signed up for a Piano class, but since i'm going to be pretty busy all semester i've dropped it already.

I have:

Applied Theory of Computing - I'm not entirely sure what this will include aside from language grammars, but it looks cool.

Sr. Project - We do a project for an outside company. The teacher must've had some sympathy for us though, there's one person who for the life of me I can't figure out how they've advanced as far in the Computer Science program as they have.

They don't seem to be able to do anything on their own, and they didn't contribute anything to the software design class (not in my group, but I heard about it from their partner) and now somehow he's in the Sr. Project class. The teacher put him in a solo group, so if he knows how to do anything with code, we'll get to see. If he doesn't, we'll see that as well.

I hope they don't actually give him an external company, because I don't want our department to get a bad reputation (and less local hiring opportunities for us) if he spazzes out.

Electronics II - last semester we learned a lot of analog stuff, this semester we learn digital stuff and we get to do a project. I haven't decided on a project yet, but i'll probably keep the journal up to date on all of these projects.

I also have Computer Organization, we get to build some circuits, but mostly it's going to be software simulation (I believe we get to design a simple CPU at the end of the class, so i'm looking forward to that).

In game related news, I took John Hattan up on his opening for product reviewer and was able to review 2 DVDs from Noesis Interactive on modding Half-Life 2. Overall I liked it, but check the main page in the next few weeks for the full review.
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