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Not much new...

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So I've had this urge to make little tile-based games lately. And I mean little, basically my old text adventures with graphics so you can see what "A small stupid room" really means.

I added a small amount of functionality to Scarlet, basically you can turn on and off Ortho2D mode now, which actually isn't something I've really used before.

I also made it so all texture entities (including sprites) are use display lists now. I didn't at first because I was unsure of the performance gain I would get because everything is basically 2 triangles with a texture (It's a 2D engine, remember). Well, it wasn't that hard to set up display lists and I got a pretty good performance gain out of it, so I guess it was worth it.

More and more I'm becomming unhappy with the tiling features of SnakeEngine. It was a bit of a hack to get working, a bit of a more hack to get working in ortho mode, and I think it's slow. I may end up rewriting the whole thing. After fixing a couple bugs, it isn't so bad to use, it didn't take long to get up a tile tester using it:

Yeah...I need to work on my art skills.

This is basically just to view how the tiles fit together and tessalate, I figured it's be easier to write this than to paste it together in Gimp. It was.

Unfortunately I found that while I could write a tile game using SnakeEngine's built in tile stuff, it's more trouble than it's worth. It just isn't powerful enough. So for now I guess it's good for backgrounds and stuff, but not much else.

Fortunately school starts up next week so I won't have any time for this now that I'm a little motivated to do something... yeah...
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