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Switching to all-range mode!

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So, uh, my Mac is in the shop again (it's partially my fault. Yup, partially) so I'm working on Propane Injector under Linux.

Also, the semester started again, so I'm busy! I'm taking an artificial intelligence course focused on search, a compiler construction course focusing on the front-end of a compiler (semantic/syntactic analysis and parsing), a human-computer interactions course that uses C#, and a course on algorithmic analysis so I can finally and truthfully say P = NP.

Stuff I've done in the past three or four days for Propane Injector (judging from SVN):
  • Example code added to the documentation for some of the classes (font, FBO, shaders, materials)
  • A material that uses shaders has been added
  • I finally re-built the shader class, so it's awesome now -- has all kinds of methods for passing various 'native' Propane types like vectors and matrices to the card through a translation layer
  • I re-built the FBO class, but it needs some refactoring to deal with bizarre OpenGL 2.0 implementations like the 87.76 driver for my FX5200
  • 2D classes are getting moved into Propane::Game2D, a namespace for game-specific functions. All future game engine stuff will go into the Game3D/Game2D namespaces.
  • Massive enhancements to documentation -- almost every method of every class is fully documented. More example code on the way.
  • Linux shader demo, and Linux general support added. Linux howto on the way.
  • Spheremap material added.
  • IMGUI support has started.
  • VBO support started, then canned when I realized that I don't really know what a VBO is good for. I'll write some example apps and get more familiar with it before I try to push out tools.

I have to finish up the FBO support before I can justify the 1.0 release; check out the Propane Injector Roadmap to see how close I am to the 1.0 release. Now that I've decided on the Game2D/Game3D engine classes, I'm going to start planning out those and working on the 2D game example to show nooblars how it's done with Propane Injector in tha hood.

I'm really excited by this -- and I've got plans for Novarunner once my main computer comes back from the shop.
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