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Another useless day

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I consider some days just being useless. You just can't get done anything interesting, you spent doing things any beta tester could do and you wonder if it is really worth the trouble :

I currently have to install an FTP server onto a clients machine. The root folder for the server does already exist and I only have to point to it. The server has already been used to synchronize software on PDAs through the windows file system. Because they don't want to use a server license, they wanted an ftp system. So here we are. Unfortunately I have to adjust some user and some application files so that they no longer access the server through the windows file system but through the ftp server. So I've spent half a day yesterday to copy/paste 4 config lines from a to b and delete 3 lines in b.

As if this wasn't enough, I had to recompile a clients application so that it can use the ftp protocol. It took 2 hours for the guy who normally compiles the app to pull it onto my machine, do all the changes he has initially already done on his machine and fix some compile problems to finally say : "Ok, it compiles now... you should test the exe if it still works as should..." ARGH... As if it would have been easier for him to compile it on his machine and pass me the exe...

So this morning I will spent on copying the files in I don't know which way (have I said that the server has no access to our network). I think today I will try to use the PDA to transfer them : Put PDA into craddle, copy files from my computer onto PDA, and then go through the second access point (where the new server is attached to) to put the files onto the server via the windows file protocol. Or I could use a usb memory stick. But that would only be half of the fun...

Yesterday evening I have done something useful : I fixed a problem with the highscore list in "Dr. Electron". While doing that I found a problem with the input gui element which resultet in trashing the last chars in the string when I modified the first ones. After some searching I found out that this only occurs in release mode. Debug mode is ok. Sooooo.... I had to remove the optimization flags for the compiler (from speed opt to disabled) and this fixed the problem. I think the compiler just optimizes a little bit too much... The only thing to find out what happens is to take a look at the assembler code but I didn't want to do that yesterday evening at 11 o'c.

Today I'm gonna start my post mortem of Dr. Electron. I don't have a clue what I'm going to write into it.
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