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Flinch & Bullettrace

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I fixed a few things mentioned in previous comments.

Bots have now one flinch animation if they are hit(best seen in video in second in game cinematic). It takes one sec and they do not shoot back at this time. Maybe more are added later showing animation where they were hit, like grab shoulder, leg, etc.

The accuracy of bots is reduced by 50%.

Bullet traces are shown. I tried to show on shots but in the video you can see it better and it looks in action a lot better [grin]

New video

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Recommended Comments

I like your level design/textures...I have a few questions [grin]....

Are the pieces of paper on the ground/walls done using a decal system?
How are you syncing your physics in multiplayer (are you)?
Are you using a dedicated server topography, or does a player have to host the server?

Ah yes, I do have a few comments...
- Maybe raise the alpha_ref value when you render the bushes/trees I can see a transparent edge in the video.
- Add more leaves to the palm trees. @ 2 tris a leaf you should pile them on :-)
- The 'damage grunt' needs to sound more painful, and less like he's enjoying it [grin].

Keep up the good work :-D

- Dan

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I am honored that you implemented my suggestions =)

The thing I noticed most was the reduced accuracy, it made the junkyard scene more exciting because bullets were flying everywhere. That, combined with the new tracers, really added to the firefights I think. The tracers were a good idea.

The reduced accuracy makes it seem like the enemies are trying to suppress you, which adds to their perceived intelligence I think. Funny how lowering their AI makes them seem smarter [grin]

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We are working atm on a singleplayer mission trying to get a publisher once it is finished [smile].
Multiplayer works but not with physics yet. We have both dedicated server and player can host.

Papers are textured and belonging to level geom.
We have decals for bulletholes on different materials. This needs some work later to have scorches from explosions and maybe blood [grin]

hehe, yep some samples need to be reworked. Speech is also temp to have the feeling how it will look like but this must be done more professional later i think.


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