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Update 11/1/2007

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Have been trying to work on the Mesh system, currently we have the issue that everything is the same size in the code. A vyper equals the size of a battlestar. Reading tutorials makes me think we need to use frames to make different sizes of the models?

I am not entirely sure how to look at this, but hopefully this will clear up. Other then that we done some house cleaning (as the code down illustrated) it was NEEDED. Other then that we have interfaced the Renderer nearly, so its just debugging tommorow and bugfixing and clean up code. Then we are nearly there!

Most likely I will release a english Document when we release 1.0 to the public explaining each function call etc. Basically what we will hand in to the teacher to show him we know what we have been doing. Hopefully this will help any aspiring programmer/game programmer to give it a shot. This is all open source with no strings attached, I have been helped by people. And in return I will help others :)

Tommorow I will release another build of what we have unless its completly mangled up, who knows!
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