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Time to spill the beans...

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Jason Z


Time To Spill The Beans...
I have decided to finally talk a little more about the general idea behind HydroGen. I had initially wanted to wait to discuss any details, but I think it will be pretty hard to have a developer journal to explain how I am doing things in the game without being able to say what I am doing! I have already begun the major development work, so it is time to share.

So the game takes place about 50 years in the future. There isn't very much oil left, so everyone is trying to find a new source of energy. HydroGen is about obtaining that energy by, you guessed it, generating Hydrogen.

This task is performed by cultivating certain bacteria types that process various items into hydrogen. The game takes place underwater, and puts you in charge of making sure that the hydrogen production process is moving along according to plan.

As noted before, the game will be constrained to a 2D playing plane. There are many more details that I will be revealing as I go along, but this is enough to get us started. I know it isn't much, but I figured that an announcement of the game concept required a screen-shot so here is the first official HydroGen screen-shot:

Any comments on the story line?
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Very cool idea. At some point I had an idea for a RTS set in the future where all the oil is gone and you make fuel using genetically engineered algae (or bacteria, whatever) that just sat in pools of water and photosynthesized some sort of highly combustible alcohol.

Of course, the game wasn't based on the fuel, it was just a standard resource.

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