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Here is a shot of the sound sources up & running again, along with the options menu. The options allow you to tweak selection options for the triangle smart selection, as well as the extremely useful snap to grid commands.

This morning I got undo & redo both working well. Initially, I did redo as a vector, and an index into the vector. On undo I would walk the index back down the vector, and on redo I would work my way back up.

Unfortunately, this method leads to special cases when you are at a new place, ( ie haven't undo'd yet ), and then undo, in which case you need to add another capture at the end, etc.

Turns out the easiest way was something I did a long time ago in some long-lost code, which is to have separate Undo and Redo vectors, and just pop & push commands onto the end of the vectors as you go. Much nicer and way simpler.

I have two more menus to do, the Atmosphere menu, which will let you set fog, ambient light, color correction and ambient sound, drone and music, lightmap resolution etc.

Finally the vertex tab, which lets you pull, drag & shape groups of vertices.

There are a few things missing from the tri tab, including grid creation and texture mapping adjustments, but I'll see if I can squeeze them in over the weekend...

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