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Update 12/01/2007

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We managed to figure the scaling, and adding multiple models out, we also fixed up a lot of code, and removed a lot of memory leaks. I will be posting a new version of vyper tonight most likely, once we are sure all the managers are working, and that the rendering abstraction is solved :).

Things are progressing smoothly now, hopefulyl we will have the terrain and sky dome fixed by the time aswell. We have decided to do the following "initialization" of the engine:

0 - Start the terrain
1 - Load Skydome, and Heightmap
2 - Load all required models into the memory
3 - Place the models on the screen

And here is a screen to illustrate our progress:

We will hopefully be getting the textures of mr battlestar done soon! then the fun really begins ;) Hopefully we will have some more functionality in that aspect. I would like some people to help with suggestions though for a "pilot" level:

What would you the reader like to have? post it in the comments, and I will be sure to review it and post what we will do in a few days and maybe even have some already added ;) Remember the complexer it is, the harder it will be :)

Hopefully we will have a good version up in 2 weeks :D

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