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Sprites and Entities

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I am working on a set of classes to handle Sprites and Entities but I am having trouble separating the different parts and I believe that I am now referring to the same thing by two different names. What my original idea was to have a class that contains only the image characteristics and another to contain the location and movement characteristics. My Sprite class was built to handle only the actual Image that is loaded. I extend this to AnimatedSprite that adds in Animation controls. This is where I am confusing every thing. I am not sure of the best way to incorporate these things.

I want to have objects that are Animated and some that aren't. I also want to be able to create different types of these "entities" so I can change behaviors. For example if I was creating a Breakout clone but wanted different bricks to have different behaviors when hit by the ball ( animations, explode sequences etc..) I could simply create a new class for that brick that extends a base class. While typing this up I am realizing that part of my problem is I don't have clear definitions of what each of these things are. It was my original understanding that a Sprite is a graphic, animated or not, that can be moved or moves around the screen. Perhaps it would be better to simply include the location and movement data in the Sprite class? I am going to spend some time working out different design schemes and will hopefully have a working one today so I can move on to other things.

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