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Survived first week!

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Wow - survived the first week at the game company I'm working at. Not really sure if I can go in to any detail at all, but it's just like those funky IT Companies you might see at The Movies [wink].

People are great and friendly there, getting decent gear to work on and the whole place just has this... this enormous intellectual and creative energy I guess.

I hope I can make something of myself there. This achieving an ambition - I'm just scared for one reason or another it will end. Probably partially because of the bad luck my Mrs has had over the last year or so with jobs.

I may be just a cog, and have lost responsibilties I had in the last job (where I had loads of other stuff then development to deal with) - but right now, I'm enjoying the prospect of just getting down and dirty with the code again. Gotta learn the ropes again before being able to climb up them I suppose. Plus I'm a part of something big, and *finally* I will be credited on AAA games... well eventually anyway. Whenever games are released of course.

It's all very exciting!

All very busy too, not had so much time for gamedev.net recently - though I did stray in to the IRC chat rooms a couple of times last weekend. Me and the Mrs are moving home to be closer to my work, but still close enough for my wife to commute to her job too. That is all happening at the end of this month. Unfortuntely she's not here helping me pack and stuff right now, because her gran was taken ill and died and she's been over in the states while I've been here in England. I'm missing her and I wish I could have gone with, but you can't help the timing of those things.

So it's all go go go right now.
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Original post by paulecoyote
I will be credited on AAA games... well eventually anyway.

Not if you're working on vaporware like Duke Nuken Forever

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Just curious, which company is it?

Also, huge congrats to ya man! :) I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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