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I for one etc, etc...

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Ok, the missiles are officially finished. I had to do quite a bit of bug fixing on them, but they are done now.

I have my plan for the Robot Overlord enemies, and I should have a screenshot by the end of tomorrow. If it turns out the way I imagine it, this will be a great enemy.

Oh, and I finally got around to beating Final Fantasy III. Ok, ok, I'm not that good at RPGs, and this one was pretty hard. Hours of expGrinding took place in order to beat the final boss. Fun game, though.
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Lol, don't play Star Ocean: The Second Story (for PSX) then; I was over level 100 for the final bosses and I still had to do some xp-hunting to beat them. One of my favorite games though.

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I actually used to have Star Ocean on the Playstation, but I never played very far into it. My realm of RPGs really only consists of Final Fantasy games, with Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. I'm currently replaying FFV for the GBA, and eagerly waiting for Final Fantasy VI advance. I really wish they would port Chrono Trigger to the GBA, as I would actually like to beat it once.

As for Blocky Man, I'm feeling very motivated to get this level done during the three-day weekend. I think I can do it, considering there is only one more enemy to program, and level design takes an hour or two. There's only one more level after this one, so the game itself is getting relatively close to completion.

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