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Animation finished

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I believe I now have finished my Sprite Animation system. It's still basic but does all I need it to for now. I took the advice that was given to me from this thread that I started and combined my Sprite and AnimatedSprite classes into a single class, Sprite. My Entity now has a Sprite that handles all the Animation, (or lack thereof), for that particular entity. I have a couple methods to write for the Entity class in regards to bounding box collision but that will probably not take me too long as they were almost done before.

After I get this taken care of my next step will be the actual base applet code. I have a decent portion of this already written as I have been writing various test programs for my different classes as I've been going along. Once that is done, hopefully this weekend, I will work on sound. This will all provide for a nice simple framework for developing games on. Once this is done and I have made a couple of games with it, seeing what I can get out of it, I will work on developing it further as my games become more complex. It's going to be a long time before this is finished as I see the framework as never ending. It will go through many iterations before I am done with it. With each game I hope to add to it or update it to provide for more complex game play or eye candy.
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