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Udo Demo Movie!

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I've just been playing around with the wonderful Fraps and have managed to create The Udo Demonstration Movie.

[Just updated the movie to show off the new door system]

I've compressed it down to mpeg so it's only about 3 meg in zipped form. If you've got proper internet, do please download, unzip, enjoy and come back and comment.


I've also just updated it so that Udo can now enter the level through a door. If you place Udo over a door in the level editor, when the level starts he walks in through the door with a face-on walking animation and an alpha fade, then as soon as he fully appears and you can control him, the door closes.

If Udo is not placed over a door in the editor, he just starts normally so you have the option of having him drop into a level, just start on a block, whatever really.

[EDIT] Hey - we just passed 10,000 Journal Views!
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Wow! Udo looks like it plays fantastically, and the level of polish and fluidity is very impressive, all things considered. Definitely keep it up! [smile]

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It appears the game controls are tight, I can't wait to actually play it. I also really like the graphical style. Keep up the good work.


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Yeh, I too was suitably impressed.

Nice clean graphical style + tight controls and beautiful smooth animations.

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