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Goodbye iBook

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Meh meh meh. My iBook G4 doesn't support GLSL, and is starting to feel too slow for 3D graphics anyway... so I probably won't really be doing any development on it anymore. Development on my Windows desktop computer is going steadily forward though. I could show you a screenshot, but a blue triangle isn't very exciting, even if it's rendered using GLSL. I will probably soon start on my game project and then continue development of Spineless as I need features for the game. And as always, more info soon...

So, who wants to buy me a Macbook Pro?

Btw. I love capoeira again. :)
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Are you sure you can't use GLSL in your iBook? If it has an nVidia FX5200 you can get it working by upgrading to 10.4 (Tiger). You'll need to stick to the ARB version of the API though. Maybe it's not worth it.

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Yea, I'm sure. The extension is not listed. Even Shader Builder only renders correctly in software mode. The card is Mobility Radeon 9200.

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iBooks certainly don't have an FX5200. The only Mac laptop with one is the 12" Powerbook, which I had. And it wasn't that hot for glsl.

I think iBook G4s come with an R9200m or R9250m depending on age.

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