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Hey pretty!

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I started modeling the main bad guys (read: cannon fodder enemies) in The Mighty Stoopid. I had some good hand-drawn sketch art for these guys, but the heads are such a weird shape I thought I'd have trouble modeling it. Not so; it turned out better than I had hoped. It's not perfect, but it's being reduced to a relatively small sprite so I don't give a fig about minor imperfections; not worth spending a great deal of time on. The head kind of looks like a cross between ET and a hammerhead shark with its head bashed in. The "head bashed in" was to convey the general idiocy of these enemies (stupidity is a running theme in this game, as you may have guessed from the title). More specifically, there's a big sloping cavity in the top where one would expect the brain to be located. Yay for cranial vacuums.

I'm going to tweak the head, then add the (much simpler) body. Since posting pictures in these diaries seems not unheard of, I'll probably provide a render by week's end. I have a wedding, a grad, and a visit from relatives to occupy my weekend, so I'm trying to get lots of work done by Saturday.

I also picked up the Pillar album "Where Do We Go From Here". I'm not normally real huge on hard rock albums, but holy crap. I'm never taking this thing out of my CD player.

Toodles and so forth.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hey Man..

I'm from Windsor, ontario - I think I saw somewhere that you're from here too..

been looking up and down all these damn forumns looking for some game developers in the area!!! Geeks are hard to find though cuz we keep such a low profile about our geekiness. lol

if you're interested in chatting sometime, drop me an e-mail at timbo_m45@hotmail.com

- Timothy Patrick

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