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Hints, etc.

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Well, got the vertex tab in there today, and added a couple of missing things to the atmosphere tab, like the skybox support.

Also fixed a nice lingering bug in my CSV parser where the 1st row couldn't be empty, or it would be skipped, allowing junky info into the sound file listings.

I added an 'All Objects' view, which is a scene wide description of all objects the factory knows about, even if they don't show up visually. This lets you select & delete invalid objects as needed.

I also added tooltip-style hints for almost all buttons & edit boxes, which should help ppl get familiar with the sometimes overwhelming number of controls.

I've given some more thought to the morphing terrain idea. In 2d, the concept is simple. Imagine a single vertical line with a circular ball on the right, 1/4 the diameter of the line height. As the ball moves left, and collides with the line, the line wants to bend, but it can't, cause it's just a single segment, so it subdivides in half, and then the middle vertex moves out of the way. That's still not enough, so next frame, more lines subdivide, and as the ball moves left, eventually you have a perfect hemispherical hole. As the ball moves past its diameter, you get a horizontal tunnel with a hemispherical end near the ball.

One can extend to 3d in several ways. I'm thinking about making triangles just do a n-patch style tessellation, without worrying about T junctions, and then once the user has stopped for a while, fix up t junctions.

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try this for a camera control
middle mouse button focuses on whatevers under the cursor, hold middle button + move mouse to rotate around it, mouse wheel zooms
right mouse button + movement pans camera relative to the screen.

ive tried a lot of methods over the years + this is the best, as it lets u focus on any area practically instantly from any angle quickly

it is a far far superior method than the traditional method of treating the camera like a airplane, ie move forward, roll etc

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