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Quickly, before they melt!

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Since I'm now pretty happy that the backlighting works as advertised, I'm now going to shelve it until I can think of a good use for it. As one person said to me "You'd better not waste that cool effect on a crappy game". [grin]

So I've gone back to my snowman building game, I figure I really should concentrate on this now and at least get a playable version released while it's still winter (not that I've seen so much as a single snowflake around here, but thats not the point). Other than the graphics I'm reasonably happy with the 'level' half of the game, so I'm starting on the 'village' side.

Your village will start as a big, mostly empty field. As you play the levels the snowballs and decorations you collect will be placed in the village. You can then build your own snowmen by putting the bits together. Eventually the village will be persitant, so you gradually build up a village of snowmen.

Currently it looks like this (after I've made a very crude 'snake' snowman):

It's not very far along at the moment, you can move the snowballs around and theres some skeleton menus in place (I hate programming menu flow, but who doesn't) but thats about it. Next I want to add the menus and logic to 'finalise' a snowman - letting the user type in a name, and welding the objects into one.
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