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FBO Article Part 3

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In what can only be described a flurry of activity I struck out to get the third and final part of the FBO series done and dusted tonight and nearly made it.

The article is written, it only just tops 4 A4 pages as there wasn't as much to write about as last time; more of a how do and why type affair.

The code is also mostly written. The annoying thing is, I had a perfectly good example of shadow mapping with an FBO which I'd knocked up a while back in order to test some stuff out; it had a scene class, an fbo class and a pointlight class which made life really easy to work with.

However, due to harddrive crashes and mistakes on my part the majority of that code is now lost; I still have the main app and the pointlight class however the FBO class is lost (ok, I've got the base class still but the shadow mapping addons were nice) as is the scene class.. oh and the shaders as well [sad]

So, I've been putting the code together (sans classes) for a while now and I've got too tired to work on it. All I need to do to finish it off is work out the shaders, what I have to send to them and how I'm drawing the scene.

I've got shaders around to do shadow mapping, however they rely on a texture to form the spot light but as I don't want to have to bundle textures and loading code I figured it would be a good time for me to learn how to do the same effect via code [grin]

So, I figure I need to be slightly awake for it, thus it'll be done tomorrow afternoon (well, this afternoon...) when I've had some sleep.

In other news;
Saturday night I should have been watching Killswitch Engage in Brixton, however said gig was cancelled [sad] so me and a couple of mates went to someone's house instead, drank, ate snacks and played with his Wii instead.

First chance I've had to play on one and while I mostly sucked at the games it was fantasic fun and mucho laughing was had... although that Wario game is like playing a freaking drug trip; Japan I salute your insanity! *salutes*

But, yes, great fun... although the Wii Spots boxing appears to have done my shoulders in a bit, heh.. not only me, we were all suffering by the end of the night... but yeah, great fun indeed. Although, not a console I could see myself playing on my own; definately a 'get some mates around, get some drink and go mad' affair [grin]
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I'm really surprised Nintendo hasn't been sued yet. It turns out we're actually all flailing retards who try to hurt our friends.

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