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Bugs are for squish'n

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Yet More Delays

Yes, I do hear the gasps of surprise! However, I did get a pretty decent amount of coding done on the weekend. Squashed a whole host of bugs in my octtree/Vertex Buffer Object/general foolishness code. There's nothing like actually using your app to bring out the flaws! So I think just about all of them are gone now. However, somewhere along the line some memory leaks have crept in [depressed]. Nothing large, maybe 200 Bytes in total (in an average test run), but I've been accustomed to having NO memory leaks and I'm most displeased! Unfortunately, Visual Studio doesn't seem to be able to tell me where the allocations are coming from (usually it can give me the file and line numbers). There is now almost no dynamic memory allocation that isn't using the STL. This has ironned out a lot of problems as allocation/deallocation is much smoother and most of the time I don't even have to do anything to deallocate!

Otherwise, everything's going fairly well. I've been fairly suprised at how good the first few textures I made came out. GIMP is a very cool tool. Especially with a graphics tablet [smile]. The major accomplishment for the weekend though was an improved version of the visual texture-coordinate editor. Now it is much easier to make the textures look decently alligned as you can now select a large group of faces and edit them at your leisure. Before you could only select one vertex and at least one of the connecting faces for editting. The new functionality makes it much easier to view and edit a large group of faces so that their coordinates make sense. I'll probably put up a screenie of the new functionality in the next post.

So long story somewhat longer: no screenies yet. Hopefully tonight I'll be making some more test level and I'll have something to show...
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