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Goal recap and Thousander Club redux

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Today was a relatively slow lazy day. The weather wasn't the greatest here and I was out late for a friends birthday so I didn't get as far on my code today as I wanted to. Nonetheless I did get some things done and I will most likely be working on it for a while tonight still.

As it's been a while since I have posted on what I am doing I am going to recap my goals here for everyone reading this as well as for myself.

I am building a Java Applet Framework that will allow me to produce and/or prototype games relatively quickly and with ease. I have been wanting to do this for some time now and I really started working on it in the last few days. At this point I have almost enough in place to create just about any type of 2D puzzle game out there. While my design may not be the absolutely best it is so far working. The framework will most likely not be finished for a long time because it is an evolving work. Over the next few weeks I will be building a few small games utilizing this framework to see where it is lacking and what needs to be added. As far as the framework itself, I have a few things that still need to be added or finished such as Mouse input, reworking some of my collision detection, sound and a few bitmap font routines. I am sure I will come across other small things to tidy up as well.

Last year I joined the Thousander Club which is a personal challenge to devote a 1000 hours in a year to game development. Whether it is coding or artwork, the idea is that practice is just as important as skill. I wasn't able to make a 1000 hours last year but I am going to try again. If anything it will definitely help me to stay on track.
See my original post about the Thousander Club here.

So every Sunday I am going to be posting my hours for the week. To be able to complete this goal I would need to spend about twenty hours a week or 2.5 hours a day, for the whole year. I am starting this about a week behind so hopefully I will be able to makeup that difference some where.

Thousander Hours:
For this week : 15.50
Total: 15.50 ( 15.50 / 1000 = .016% Completion )
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