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Ok...I for one welcome our Robot Overlords

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It's a trap!:

So basically, you have a massive Robot the size of a building chasing you. For its size this thing moves quite fast. When you consider that you'll have to avoid pits, enemies, and conveyor belts when running from this, it becomes clear that this will be quite a challange. Oh, and making contact with it causes instant-death.

I still have some bugs to fix with it, but I think tomorrow I can start actually designing the level.
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Hah; sweet! Did inspiration from this by any chance come from the final boss (Sonic-route) of Sonic & Knuckles? [grin]

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Yeah, that boss fight did inspire this enemy somewhat. This would probably be the second time I've "borrowed" an enemy idea from Sonic 3 & Knuckles (The Blocky King from Stompy's Revenge is based off of one of the bosses).

When I was looking at that screenshot, I realized a way that the player could avoid the Robot Overlord completely. I'll just keep my mouth shut about it, as I can prevent it during level design[grin]

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