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Parking Garage

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I took a few hours [well probably like 6 hours] off coding to make this parking garage.

I gotta re-write shadow mapping in HLSL, I converted over all my shaders a few months ago from ASM -> HLSL...shadow mapping never made it...just this hacked up PS1.4 'fake shadows' which really means it's FUBAR half the time. Major depth precision problems make most daytime screenshots of this parking garage un-usable. I'll probably get on that mid-week.

I'm also working on yet another version of the 'gameplay'. I'm going to add a 'portal' in front of each building's door, so you can interact w/it in the 3rd person mode. Also I'm finishing up the mini-map and adding civilians throughout the city who 'want drugs' they'll show up on your minimap as a you can go talk to them and see what they want to buy.

Back to the parking's a screen showing the wireframes, and the collision model w/tri counts.

And some more screenshots...

And older version, early on in the process, but still cool :-D

- Dan
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Looking fantastic as usual, dgreen. The money in my pocket is just itching to be thrown in your direction once this baby hits the shelves. [smile]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Wow, these pics look damn fine! Can't wait for the shadows getting reenabled.
I think this moves the optics and athmosphere of your game into a whole new direction.
From SimCity to Miami-like City by night... (the lights & trees are GREAT)

Btw: It would look even better if the windows reflected the greyish color of the ground if you look from above (like in the pictures #4/5)!

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