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So, instead of doing a major pain-in-the-ass in-game editor, I decided to go the "drag and drop" style editor; similar to RPG Maker (the basic layout is VERY similar to RPG Maker actually.) I've named the project RpgDE (Rpg Development Environment; aren't I so witty?)

Anyway, it's coming along pretty well. I've got the basic interface integrated and working right (you can create a project and add maps to it.) Here's a screenshot for what I've gotten done so far:

RpgDE Interface

At the moment, it looks almost exactly like RPGMaker 2K/3's interface. There will be some big differences though; here's a short list so far:
  • 3 layers (and an event layer) instead of 2 (and an event layer.)
  • Larger tilesets and definable tile sizes.
  • Scripting
  • Direct3D game engine
  • Different gameplay style
  • Mouse-based interaction
  • Network support (Diablo 2 style; 8 players per game)
  • Entities (NPCs and such aren't going to be events)

So...the editor interface is pretty much where the similarities end. The project system will pretty much be the same too.

I'm not sure about the network support thing; I really need to research it because I have no idea what goes into. I don't want to make an MMO, just something similar to Diablo 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Btw, this is what I'm going to be using to make Ascension.

Oh, and I'm still working on fixing Part One of the script, so Part Two will have to wait [sad].
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