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Evil Steve


Jeez, TV License people are insessant. So my flatmate (Ruan) and I moved in officially on Saturday (13th). We actually got stuff moved over and properly moved in on the Sunday. So, this morning we had a lovely letter from the TV Licensing people telling us that the premises were unlicensed and they'd be sending enforcement agents round, and if they find a TV we could face an interview under caution and a fine of up to GBP1000.

Come on, give us SOME time to get a license? I was going to get one today anyway (online), which I've now done. Swines.

I was off work for 3 days last week with flu, or something like flu anyway. I was in bed with a screaming sore head, no energy, etc. I still have a really irritating cough, but I'm sure I'll live. And I've only had 2 meals in 6 days, which probably isn't so good for me. I'm just not hungry at all...

I'm now moved in to Glasgow (Woo/yay), which means that I have a 30 min journey to work instead of a 2 hour one now (Woo/yay), although I have no Internets at home (Boo/nay), and I have GBP10 to live on until two cheques clear, which will probably take till the end of the week (boo/nay).

Oh well. Back to work...
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At least you didn't have a TV licence. After I moved last, we changed over the address of the license within a week. About two months later I got a note through the door when I was at work to say they had actually been to my house, presumabley to cart me away to TV licence prison.

I spoke to them on the phone and it turns out that the lists of people that they generate for the officials to go visit can be anything like three to four months out of date.

So much for the golden age of information technology.

Glad to hear your move went okay. I was in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, although only the airport.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


TV lisence people are annoying bastards. I didn't get one for about 6 months (because I'm a poor,lazy student), and they sent me letters every week, each one more threatening than the last. Anyway long story short, my mum paid for one because she was scared that I might get put in - as your friend says - 'TV Lisence Prison'. I win. And yet they still send me letters, but have never come round. Thier stupidity excites me, really.

Glad the move went well. I'm coming through soon to bully the pair of you.

Also, I owes you money!

Also, reply to my texts, you damn hobo.

Kat x

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TV Licencing people are really big pussy cats pretending they've got claws.

I didn't even have a TV yet I got weekly threatening letters for a whole year. Proved to be amusing reading whilst eating my breakfast - but I was disappointed I never got one signed in blood saying they were going to take my first-born child.

Check up your rights online, its not hard to screw them over and remain legal - they have powers, but they're actually a commercial company working on a commission and they ARE NOT the police...


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Original post by Sonnenblume
Aye, reply to your damn texts, your ALMOST as bad as Kat ;)
I haven't got any texts from you in about 6 months.

And Ruan replied to the one from Kat - that's what happens if she sends it to both of us...

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I have had endless trouble with the incompetent staff from the TV license department, they have even tried taking me to court for £60 even though i've sorted out 5 times already.

The whole TV license is just ridiculous ploy to make more money from british citizens for no gain.

You might be asking why well first of all UK terrestrial television (or any kind for that matter) is rubbish and doesn't cover my tastes in one slightest bit (i hate any form of reality show).

Second and most important of all anyone watching any BBC channel in another country do not have to pay for TV licenses so the whole concept of a "TV license" is just ridiculous.

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Original post by snk_kid
Second and most important of all anyone watching any BBC channel in another country do not have to pay for TV licenses so the whole concept of a "TV license" is just ridiculous.
Hmm, I never thought of that. I assumed that the providers would pay the BBC for the rights to broadcast abroad.

What annoys me about TV Licenses is that it's only for the BBC. The only time I've watched a BBC channel in the past month is BBC News 24 for 5 minutes in the morning before work...

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I'd actually be perfectly happy for the BBC to start showing adverts like everyone else if it meant they would stop screwing me for £130 a year or whatever it is.

I actually quite like advert breaks since I can nip into the garden for a cigarette.

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