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nothing new to report, we are basically on a "lockdown" seeing as I got an exam about this course in 2 hours :). Its a shame i did not get any feedback on the things I posted. But I guess its sitll not advanced enough for the real techies which ofcourse I understand.

I found a good site for people who want to learn about D3D even includes some tips about 64bit programming.

I highly suggest this site for anyone who really wants to understand where to start. It has easy cut up examples. And basically makes it look like game programming is a breeze :).

Hopefully this wednesday i will be able to upload a new source batch seeing as we are cleaning up code now, and fixing our heightmap and Skydome and working on the abstraction rendering.

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Don't be discouraged by a lack of posting - most of the time people only read the posts and don't reply to them. If your viewings continue to go up, then people are interested in what you are writing about!

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