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Desktop is gone!!

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Well I sold my desktop. No more 8800GTX! :( So for now laptop is going to get me by until I put together a new quad core system with vista. I hope Nvidia moves their 8800GTX to 80nm and the Quad Core Qx6600 2.4Ghz Intel chip drops to about $550 or so. After reading Chris Taylor say SupCom is designed for quad cores, I decided to build a quad vs. a dual core. Then I got to looking around and see that Crysis, HL2:EP2, Alan Wake, SupCom, UT2k7, just to name a few are going to support quad cores!!! So this year seems to be the year for advancement in games and power requirements. May even see dual core become minimum!!

I see that the some executive over at Blizzard said he want SC2 out before a decade hits since it was released!!!! Better not be MMO, or I am going to go nuts! Keep it RTS.
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