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Babies are good for coding?

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Mike Bossy


While having a new born child might not be condusive to sleeping I think it actually is good for coding. I find myself awake and guarding the fort for a few hours at a time while my wife grabs a nap. Often it's at some odd hour and the house is quiet as there's a sleeping baby. That means no loud tv, Halo 2 frag fest, etc. This leaves quiet time for things like.... coding.

This of course is all a theory. I haven't been able to get too much done in the past week but I think that's more due to the fact that I've had a nasty cold at the same time. We'll see in the up coming weeks if things go smoother when I'm healthy.

I've started work on my particle system and have my basic particle class designed. I'd have more done but I've been flip flopping of how to design the system to be fairly extensible. We'll see how my current plan goes.
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