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Le Update

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Not much going on at the home front. A few games here and there, enjoying social opportunities, and generally wallowing in my laziness. Work too has been a little quiet.

I took that opportunity to practice a bit with WinForms. There's an in-house java app we use as a SQL query frontend which I thought could be better in a few little ways (less memory usage on our infamously underpowered desktops, funky keybindings, other little usability issues). One week later and I've got a functional replacement. Plop in username/password, pick your DB, type in the query, get some results. Nothing too fancy.

The keybindings are windows-esque (rather than emacs-esque), copy/paste works in the result display, and the main editor has tabs (each with a different DB connection) rather than one editor and switching connections. Oh, and it runs at about 1/2 the memory consumption for a single standard result set.

I am pretty pleased with it. There's still a little polish and perhaps a few more non-bloaty features to add (like auto-populating query parameters). I'll probably try using it for a little while instead of the other util; should quickly show what I forgot and what (doesn't) work.
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