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Just tested my game on my work PC. The game itself runs fine but the world map thing slows to a crawl (60 -> 30 fps so probably just missing every other vsync).

I guess I'm drawing a lot more blocks for that since the blocks are not as tall to get the faux 3D effect, but do you lot reckon I should worry?

Bit useless when it comes to hardware stuff, but dxdiag says this PC has 32meg SIS, DAC Type - Internal.

Does that mean a naff on-board graphics card? If so, I'm perfectly happy to call this machine below Udo minimum specs. 32meg seems quite low for a modern card.


[EDIT] Actually, I just used my advanced hardware diagnostics skills and via a technique I call "Looking round the back of the computer", I have managed to ascertain that it does indeed have a built in graphics card.

Guess that explains why the world map runs so shit. If I drop the resolution down to 640x480, it just about crawls back up to 60 fps, so actually this PC is within the minimum specs but just not the recommended specs.

They always lie about specs on games anyway. I used to play GTA3 on a 450mz with a 64meg graphics card no problem with all the effects at the lowest settings. No-one here believes me, but I saw it with my own eyes. [grin]
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Ah yes, SiS cards are rubbish, and tend to have pretty low fill-rate, which explains what you're seeing.

I should try some of my apps on my work PC, but this one's pretty powerful (Athlon 64 3800+, 2GB RAM, Radeon X800 Pro) so it might be kinda pointless.

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Cheers for the clarification. Low fill-rate would make perfect sense. I doubt there's anyone playing games on such a card so I won't worry about it.

I've actually only got a 256meg GeForce 6 something or other at home so I generally assume if it plays on the machine I develop on it will play on anything sensible.

I'm glad I put resolution changing support in now though, since it does increase the range of hardware I can claim the game will run on.

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