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Status update

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Really need to think of another way on posting regarding the subject ;)

Heightmap almost working, we have multiple different scenes running in the engine meaning that our 3D component is basically able to handle multiple different windows at the same time. Which I think is quite good, it might ofcourse be done faster and better. But things are atleast progressing in such a sense that we can hand in a good version monday.

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Looks like this is all flying along now. All way over my head now you've got past the basic window management stuff.

Very well done to you and the other members of your group. I hope you get the good results you deserve.

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I hope so :) The source code is down below (albeit in a stage its still ugly). We have camera functionality working, just a little buggy and also having some problems with our heightmap, but sure as hell is more fun then windows crap :P

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