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Evil Steve


My flat mate noticed an irritating humming sound coming from above our flat on Monday night. It sounded like a fan or something. So he went for a wander in the loft space, and found that there's two big air conditioning / extractor things up there. One above our bathroom, one above the neighbors flat. Our one was humming, the neighbours one sounded like it was exploding; rattling like crazy and vibrating and stuff. There's also a couple of "NUAIRE" boxed that look like alarm boxes in the hall outside out flat with two lights on them "Failed" and "Running". Neither of the lights on our one was lit, but the neighbors one had the "Failed" light lit.
So my flatmate went up again yesterday and just switched the neighbors one off. It's now nice and quiet. I think the neighbors are out (Or the flat is empty), we haven't seen any light or life in that place since we moved in, and we haven't bothered going around introducing ourselfs yet...

So, the landlord (Lets Direct) will probably want to know what the dickens is going on. I'm denying all knowledge, although my flatmate wants to phone them up and tell them what he's done. I suppose that might be a good idea in case the ventilator thing is important. I dunno...

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Guest Anonymous Poster


That "alarm box" was a bomb. Your flatmate just saved your life.

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It's probably a dying fanbelt or something and your neighbour's dog has now asphyxiated.

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Original post by Kazgoroth
In response to your previous update... you guys need a 'TV licence'???
Yup. The BBC doesn't show advertisments, so they make money by charging everyone for a TV License. A colour TV license is £131.50 (~$259.42) a year.

No TV License means you can't legally own a TV, or a PC with a TV tuner card.

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Damn, uncool. I believe the equivalent here is our ABC (who only advertise thier own programming, nothing commercial, and only in short blocks), but we don't have to pay for a licence.

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