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Daily Puzzle Number Nine

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In case you haven't noticed, Daily Puzzle Number Nine is now deployed. It's called Countdown Dice, as mentioned in earlier entries. I wrote up the rules, but it still doesn't quite cover the breadth of how to play the game. This game more than some other more straightforward ones (like Poker Patience) is one that you just have to play a couple of times to get a feel for the mechanic and the strategy.

According to Shelly, it's the best looking one yet. Thanks to Salsa for the kitchy rocket and dice graphic via his "I'll Make You A Logo For Ten Bucks" thread. I had to change the rockets up a bit to give 'em some space for numbers, but I ended up using all of the graphics in the game. I probably ought to hire him to de-clipartize a couple of the other games.

I'm also doing a bit more tweaking behind the scenes. I've completely run out of space on my horizontal-reaching Macromedia-style menus on the page, so I'm going with some new Adobe-style menus, which are basically the same as the Macromedia menus, except that they display menus as pull-downs. The old menu is done in Flash, and since Flash doesn't cotton to overlapping other stuff, I'm going with some DHTML (which is apparently what javascript is called nowadays) menus.

The upshot is that the menus should look the same but will pull down.

I also made a carousel menu on my games page. I've been trying to keep the pages from getting too tall, and this looks a little classier than my old animated logos.

Salsa, you available for some more logo-work? A couple of those logos are obviously clipart and could use a little punching up.
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