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Quick update

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Ok, I went through and made a few notes about the main things for RpgDE. While reading through this it'll probably sound a LOT like Oblivion. I'm still working on the skill system, but I want it to resemble what they've got as I feel it's a really good design. Anyway, you can read it here.

The only thing I've had to describe so far is what a streaming map is, so I'll do it here just in-case anybody else doesn't know what it is:
All of the exterior areas will be contained in a single map and as you move around the map, parts of it will be streamed from a file. It essentially removes all map loading (except for going into/exiting from interior maps.) It makes it a little more immersive and expands on the exploration part of RPGs.

I'd like to say that these aren't finalized and the whole thing is just a quick draft; I'll be working on the entire design document for a couple days (should be finished by Saturday.) However, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I do realize that this is going to take quite a while. The milestone dates are just guess for now; once I get everything designed out I'll have a good idea of how long things are going to take.

I'd also like to point out that I'm not switching projects again (I've had a couple people say something.) RpgDE (btw, just a temp name for now) is the system I'm going to be using to develop Ascension.

Holy shit, I just noticed that I passed 40k views and I'm 51 posts away from 1000. Thanks for the support guys!
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