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Some more progress...

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Back on track!

Cleared out what appears to be all of the remaining bugs. The path system is a little more robust now. Had a busy day at work. Someone did a DOS attack on our website.

And Onto...

I'm pushing into what I hope will be the last major modification to my subdivision mesh classes. It became clear when making the last couple of objects in the editor that this feature would make a big difference to both the asthetic appeal of my objects, and the flexibility for artists when creating objects for levels. So what is this fantastic addition? I'm basically adding the ability to add "modifications" to the control-mesh at each level of subdivision. For simplicity, the only modifications I'll allow are moving vertices and changing the layer-blend or texture-coordinate values of the vertices. The layer-blend values are basically the per-vertex alpha value for the texture that's "on top" on the base texture layer.

Here's how the modifications will work: you make the basic shape of your object in the editor and then choose the "edit next tesselation level" option. At each level of subdivision, the number of faces is multiplied by 4. So now you've got heaps more vertices to move around and fill in the detail. As you go higher up the subdivision "tree", the model gets more and more detailed. It's suggested that you don't make huge position modifications at the finest levels as the lower levels are used for LOD and it would look wierd if suddenly the vertices are jumping around the place as the camera comes closer.

I know, it's a little hard to picture. But I'm quite excited about the possibilities. Hopefully I'll be able to show off some spanky-new objects on the weekend.
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