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I'm not dead.

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Not Dead state: Positive

Well, yes, I haven't updated in a while but that doesn't mean I'm dead. You people are so mean! Why are you so mean? That's mean.


Laptop's still in the shop. Yes, still. I've been doing most of my work on paper, so when it comes back I should be able to do some serious work.
Regular visitors to the journal of pain will identify that I could probably just compile Novarunner on Linux and work from it that way. Sssh! That's extra work.

Propane Injector

Now here's where actual work is getting done. Lots of it. Since the last update, I have mostly done:
  • A lot of the Propane UI elements; this is basically IMGUI stuff like the stuff that SimmerD is using in his game.
  • Propane::Font patches
  • FBO support for all specs of machines, including an improved version of the Glow "slow" render-to-texture support for all supported computers and a super fast FBO option that works on all sorts of OpenGL 1.5 and 2.0 hardware,
  • GLee,
  • Shaders that rock,
  • Several examples and Doxygen changes.

As always, keep watching the roadmap to see how close I am to releasing Propane Injector 1.0, the "big daddy" release that will force everyone to use it.

Hey, I can dream.

I'll post a screenshot later tomorrow. Too tired now. Must smeep.

I'm considering starting work on the 2D game example, but am not sure if I'll have the time. We'll see. Leave a suggestion of what simple 2D game I can try to make for the example.
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