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General Info About Me

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Thanks for visiting!

I have an LJ here, where I muse about stuff in general. I post every several days there. I don't plan on posting much here--only with information and updates on my programming projects.

I came on board to GameDev while looking to learn more about MFC and STL due to work-related projects in multimedia. I work at an engineering firm, and at the time we were doing lots of stuff with sounds and visual representation of sound. I was in a team that did mostly Windows tools, plus some low-level hardware drivers.

I've switched positions at the company, and now 99% of my programming is in assembly on a DSP; this is why I've been so scarce lately.

However, I'm still a game hobbyist. I'm working on a board game in MFC--this board game is not my own idea, so I'm not publishing it. Rather, it's one of my father's favorite games, and I'm trying to simulate it as a surprise for him. I've actually been working on it for about 5 years. I'm hoping to be done by this Christmas, but we'll see. You can see the board game here. The game's actually playable from beginning to end; just working on UI and AI for computer players.

My main areas of expertise are C++, STL, large project management (i.e. encapsulation issues), MFC. I'm interested in learning about 3D programming and AI. I have a minor in computer science and bachelor's in electrical engineering from SDSU. I'm currently working on a master's in electrical engineering (focus on signal processing) at UCSD, and should be done this year.

I'm also a moderator here, sort of by accident. When they made the big push to include floating moderators, I was drafted; unbeknownst to me, some people suggested my name and Dave added me. I thought it was a mistake at first--suddenly my name was a different color. I figure I'll be the eternal floating mod, occasionally closing an obviously-bad thread and sometimes editting to correct formatting in the oddball post, but truthfully I don't do much. I think I stay below the radar, so as long as I don't abuse my powers (muah ah ahh) they let me have the nifty tag.

That's about all there is. I don't know if anyone will ever read this for any reason; I actually don't even know how these journal things work. If you stop by and read this entry, just leave a comment to say "hi", even if you hate my guts. Especially if you hate my guts. Just say, "Hi Stoffel, I hate your guts!" Then we'll know.
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